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1:1 Sessions w/ Leslie

Rejuvenate your spirit in a tranquil session designed to align body, mind, and soul.

Leslie is a co-owner of The Chakra Healing Room and a seasoned Usui, Tibetan, and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, known for her profound intuitive abilities and deep commitment to helping others on their personal journeys. Drawing from her own challenging experiences with divorce, anxiety, parenting, and work-life balance, Leslie has cultivated a fulfilling career that not only brings her joy but also serves as a source of solace and inspiration to others. Her journey through adversity has led her to a harmonious marriage and a sense of inner peace, empowering her to guide others with empathy and understanding. In her practice, Leslie employs a variety of holistic modalities including Oracle Cards, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, and crystal healing. These tools are integral to her method, aiding her clients in finding their own balance and peace amidst the chaos of modern life. Leslie’s approach is tailored to foster healing, growth, and equilibrium, making her a trusted guide in the journey towards wellness and self-discovery.