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Healing sessions * Reiki Circle * Attunements
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"Discover the Power Within Yourself"
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Healing chakra crystals therapy. Alternative rituals, gemstones for wellbeing, meditation
Female hands against in namaste, prayer and gratitude. Wise Yoga concept.
Chaye SeverChaye Sever
22:29 24 Mar 24
Great experience. Great vibe
Elaine SmithElaine Smith
15:36 19 Mar 24
This is a wonderful place to release emotional blocks in your life. The services they provide are truly helpful for your whole being. The providers are gifted and caring. I highly recommend this place and encourage the services they offer.
16:22 30 Jan 24
The place is a wonderful place to go. The people that work there are super friendly. I had reiki sessions with Leslie and she is amazing. She takes the time to get to know you and talks to you to help and you figure out what would be best. You feel completely safe and at home. I felt amazing after words and had more of a positive view on life and myself. I highly recommend people trying any session or class they offer.
Amber EganAmber Egan
22:28 23 Jan 24
Such a great place to find peace and work on mindfulness in this busy, nonstop world. Leslie really takes the time to get to know and understand you before guiding you towards events and experiences. She does a great job making sure they fit what you’re looking for. Love it here! ❤️ I recommend the sound healing with Jen and any Reiki sessions! And can’t wait to participate in more!
Darla JohnsonDarla Johnson
21:57 19 Jan 24
Love this place! So many wonderful things happening at Chakra Healing Room! Stacie and Leslie are great! A variety of modalities to start or continue your healing journey whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
Pam ReaganPam Reagan
15:48 13 Jan 24
When you walk in it is so welcoming. Leslie and Stacie always has a smile. The sessions are very relaxing. I have had reiki done on me by Leslie it was a great experience & she is amazing. I would recommend this store to all my family and friends.
Stefanie StaabStefanie Staab
15:23 13 Jan 24
Love the atmosphere and the energy at The Chakra Healing Room. Stacie and Leslie have created a room to meet and connect with other like-minded and open-hearted people in a safe and sacred healing space. They offer many options for workshops, services and products for your healing journey. There’s something for everyone here. I’ve had reiki sessions with both Stacie and Leslie and they are both phenomenal at what they do! I left my reiki sessions feeling lighter and less burdened allowing me to move forward in my life with joy and ease. Thank you ladies and keep up this great sacred work!! 🙏🏻😇♥️
Terri HunterTerri Hunter
20:38 13 Dec 23
This place offers so many levels of learning and healing and all around feel good place. I would take every class if I had time. Great job ladies 👏 and thanks for giving us a place to go to. Very much needed. 💕
Welcome to the Chakra Healing Room

Discover the Power Within You

Step into “The Chakra Healing Room,” where co-owners Stacie and Leslie were divinely guided to craft a holistic sanctuary that goes beyond conventional wellness. In this haven nestled in Wentzville, Missouri, an array of offerings awaits to cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking profound healing and self-discovery.

Begin your journey with Stacie, the heart and soul of the studio, as she guides you through the transformative realm of Reiki. Stacie’s passion for this ancient healing art emanates in every session, providing a powerful and rejuvenating experience for all who seek its benefits. Whether you opt for group or private sessions, Stacie’s expertise creates a space where the healing energy of Reiki can flow freely, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Meanwhile, Leslie, the intuitive healer, brings a unique blend of psychic insights, oracle cards, and spiritual guidance to her sessions. Immerse yourself in the depths of self-discovery as Leslie uncovers the sources of imbalance and blockages within your body. Through the therapeutic techniques of Reiki healing, chakra balancing, and sound therapy, Leslie’s treatments offer a holistic approach that not only addresses immediate concerns but also provides a lasting sense of peace and balance in your life.

“The Chakra Healing Room” extends its offerings to diverse modalities, embracing the synergy of mind, body, and spirit. Engage in sound healing sessions with singing bowls, allowing the vibrations to resonate within you, fostering deep relaxation and harmony. Explore the benefits of aromatherapy, massage, drum circles, breath work classes, yoga, astrology and so much more to cater to the specific needs of your well-being.

In addition, the studio hosts classes and workshops for those eager to delve deeper into their spiritual journey. From Reiki Certifications in Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire to personalized Intention Treatments, “The Chakra Healing Room” provides an inclusive space for both seasoned practitioners and those taking their first steps towards holistic wellness.

At “The Chakra Healing Room,” Stacie and Leslie have curated an oasis where ancient practices meet modern insights, creating a harmonious blend of offerings that cater to the unique needs of each individual. Step into this haven, where the energies of healing, balance, and self-discovery converge to illuminate your path toward overall well-being.